ALFHEIM, Alfheim Svømmehall, Tromsø, 2018
Site-specific live performance, duration: 90min

Accompanied by Jens C. Kloster on bronze lure (bronselur)
Extra sound (drone tone): Jens C. Kloster
Photography: Magnus Vedå Wibe  

ALFHEIM is set up as an auditory ceremonial arrangement and takes the
format of a scene in continuous transformation. It incorporates performative
gestures and is composed with social and material coordinates. The room
of ALFHEIM embodies repetitive grids, symmetry and rhythmic compositions
which lends itself to the activities performed in the room. Performers work
through individual and diverse concepts, methods and practices, suspending
time and entrapping moments, taking a proximal commitment. Practice,
tactics and energies come into play and interchange as moments of reciprocal
experiences in which both the space, the performer and the spectator are
encountering themselves into one another.

The nordic bronze lure, which was used during ceremonies and as a signal
horn, originally dates back 3000 years and gave birth to the similar Cornu
that is difficult to distinguish from the Buccina which is shaped a bit more like
a C than a G. In roman art, the Cornu appears among the musical instruments
that accompanied games (ludi). The recreation of this bronze lure was done
via scanning and 3D technique.

The project was made possible with the kind help from Alfheim svømmehall,
Tromsø Kommune, Damla Kilickiran, Mikel Moriana, Davide Rapotez, Malin
Nordström, Andrea Conradsen, Emelie Ieremia, Jonas Bentzer, Nicolas Horne,
Mario Brehm, Alida Lama, Håvard Arnhoff. Special thanks to Ruth Aitken and
Jens C. Kloster

© 2020 Julie Hviid Cetti and collaborations